NEW: Now order a NewsToons for an adult or as a gag gift! Very fun.

Your kids will love seeing themselves in a real Children's News Network video. Our service is the first ever of its kind & truly unique. Some kids watch their NewsToons video over 100 times. We now get fan mail. Call us 7 days/week between 8 AM to 8 PM EST at 781-708-1255.

News Toons offers 2 basic template animations (our Class B and C animations) to tell your kid's story (watch a demo). Kids love them because they are presented as if an actual Children's News Network newscast. They really feel special as this is truly a one of a kind service. Your kids will watch your animation over and over and over again. When we were first asked to make such an animation, we learned the young girl (8 years old) watched the video "at least 100 times" and was the talk of the neighborhood. Kids love to see themselves on tv...especially cartoon type tv. While we are more than happy to make a custom animation for you (and please let us know if we can...we really want the business), we find these 2 template animations satisfy 95% of what our customers want...and cost considerably less than an animation built from scratch. You are more than comfortable with what is said in the animation because what our NewsToons say comes from you. The costs of an investment in an animation are presented below. Click on the order link above and you will be taken to our easy to understand order form. Simply provide us what you would like said, upload the pictures and/or video and you are done. Call us with any questions at 781-708-1255.


You control who sees your video. Your video is housed on our website on a randomly generated 8 to 12 digit url suffix (ex. that only you know. You then need a password to log in to the page and another password to watch the video on Vimeo. Yet with all the security most people can start watching their NewsToon in less than 5 seconds. NewsToons are never made available to the general public.


REMINDER - Though we usually deliver your animation within 2 business days, we can only commit to getting you your animation in 3 you need to plan ahead and work backwards. Send us an e-mail at with any questions.




Class D $25.00 - 15 second animation with balloons and a 60 character or so message that you write yourself. No picture or video inserts. We will offer considerably more Class D animations in 2015.


Class C $99.99 - One news anchor, approximately 400 spoken characters (4 or so sentences), 2 picture or video inserts. Approximately 25 to 30 seconds of video/animation.


Class B $169.99 - Two news anchors, approximately 1,000 spoken characters (8 - 10 sentences), 4 picture or video inserts. Approximately 55 to 60 seconds of video/animation.


Class A $249.99 (Deposit) - Up to 5 news anchors with premium (and we mean really cool) animation. Approximately 2 minutes of video/animation.


To order, click on the "Order" icon above. Pick either Class A, B, C or D then follow instructions from there. You will choose the character you wish to deliver the news, tell us what you want said (exact words) and attach the picture inserts. Children's News Network, Inc. takes it from there. Obviously, anything you provide for this animation must be in good taste. Children's News Network may reject any order at its sole discretion for any reason. Our quality control procedures include, among other things, a review of each and every animation for appropriate language and content. As a practical matter, we want the business but will not do anything that may be offensive to any person (especially a kid) or in any way harms the Children's News Network brand.


We commit to having your animation to you by 5 PM on the third business day from the calendar date of your order. For example, if you place an order on a Tuesday at 7:30 PM, you will have your animation no later than 5 PM the following Friday. If you place an order on a Thursday at 8:30 AM, you will have your animation no later than 5 PM the following Tuesday. Orders submitted Friday through Sunday will be delivered no later than Wednesday at 5 PM. We have yet to need 3 days to finish an order...more often than not you will have your animation within 1 - 2 business days. However, if your need is urgent, rush orders are available during checkout.


Your animation will come via Vimeo file that resides on a password protected page on the actual Children's News Network website where. The video will be up on our site for 3 days. You tell us which day to start when you order. If you have an urgency, e-mail us at We can same day delivery or pick up in the Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA areas. Note: even if we drop everything, the fastest we can create a 30 second animation and get it through quality control is about 4 hours, so please plan accordingly.


Children's New Network is a registered trademark of Children's News Network, Inc. News Toons is a trademark of Children's News Network. All rights reserved.

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