NEW: Now order a NewsToons for an adult or as a gag gift! Very fun.

Your kids will love seeing themselves in a real Children's News Network video. Our service is the first ever of its kind & truly unique. Some kids watch their NewsToons video over 100 times. We now get fan mail. Call us 7 days/week between 8 AM to 8 PM EST at 781-708-1255.

The NewsToons personalized news broadcasts are a direct result of requests from our parent readers.  Over the past several years, we have received and fulfilled numerous special requests from parents to produce personalized, animated news videos about their children’s personal achievements. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with some parents reporting that their children watched their personalized broadcasts "over 100 times".  And parents were pleased to note that their children subsequently paid much more attention to the real news broadcasts on Children’s News Network.


Children’s News Network is now pleased to broadly offer our NewsToons personalized, animated news broadcast service to help mark the important milestones of life.  And, importantly, we have made the process simple and affordable.  So, how does this work?  You choose the newscaster to deliver your NewsToons and then provide us with the text of exactly what it is you want them to say, along with two photos or videos to include as part of the broadcast.  We then create the animated video and provide the finished product on our Children's News Network website in just three days.  The videos are housed on a password protected page of Children’s News Network for your personal viewing and sharing.  In addition, we can provide a copy of your video on DVD.  Please click here to view our demos. KIDS LOVE THEM! The following is your list of NewsToons news anchors from Children's News Network. You pick which one delivers your NewsToons.





NewsToonsTM is owned and operated by Children's News Network, Inc. Click here to be taken to our website. Established in 2012, Children’s News Network offers age-appropriate news and current events stories for children (ages 7 to 13 years) that are completely commercial-free.  The Children’s News Network combines our animated news anchors characters called the NewsToons, along with news videos from the Associated Press (AP) to create an informative and attention grabbing site for children to learn more about the world around them.  Moreover, parents appreciate a child-appropriate, news resource that helps them explain and discuss current events with their children without the distractions of advertisements. There is no service available today on the planet like NewsToons.



Children’s News Network is thrilled to offer this truly unique first-of-its-kind service.  We trust that NewsToons will provide both a wonderful way for parents to celebrate their child’s personal achievements as well a further a child’s interest in the world of news and current events around them.  Thank you for visiting NewsToons and supporting Children's News Network (

Children's New Network is a registered trademark of Children's News Network, Inc. News Toons is a trademark of Children's News Network. All rights reserved.

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